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Nursing Services

Our fully licensed practitioners bring years of training and experience in senior care. We work with all local hospitals and ensure your loved ones receive timely, attentive care. Our care professionals range form state licensed nurses to trusted on-call optometrists, podiatrists, dentists and physicians, all board certified and fellowship trained in geriatric medicine. Call today to learn more


Short-Term Rehab

Occupational therapy and physical therapy are often employed following an injury or surgery. They are provided over a limited time period, often increasing in intensity as the patient recovers. The patient may continue techniques used in therapy after they return home.


Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists provide specialized assistance for physical developmental, social or emotional issues. They help people live more independent lives by increasing their ability to accomplish everyday tasks, like engaging in hobbies, chores, driving, or work.

Occupational therapist takes a holistic approach and incorporates exercises or simple tasks that increase coordination, flexibility, and/or strength.


Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy helps ensure that patients can get around and complete daily tasks independently. Therapies may include electrical stimulation, ultrasound and shortwave diathermy. Like occupational therapy, it uses a holistic approach, but may focus also on things like heart health and endurance.


Quality Meal Preparation

Good, wholesome and delicious meals contribute to optimum health and happiness. We offer five star dining that our residents love, every day of the year. Our chefs can accommodate any dietary requirements and offer a large selection of meal options to suit any taste. Family members are always welcome to join their loved ones in our dining hall too! Call to schedule a visit!


Committed Team

Great care starts with a great team.  At CareCore Health, we promote strong communication among all departments at every level to provide experienced and compassionate care to each and every resident.


Comprehensive Medical Services

We make it a priority to provide excellent medical care in a comfortable and compassionate environment. We offer on-site care for most medical needs. If you or your loved one requires care outside our range of services, we will coordinate with your existing, familiar providers.


Affordable Care Options

Many families worry that the level of care we offer exceeds their budget. We’re proud to offer several affordable care options to meet your needs. We are certified to accept many health insurances including, but not limited to:


Expert Medical Team

Our residents receive the finest care delivered by a highly trained and dedicated medical staff. Our services include: physical and speech therapies, dietary services, social services, dental and eye care, psychiatric services and much more. Your or your loved ones can feel comfortable asking any questions that arise. Call us now!


Engaging Activities

Just because you live in a residential care facility doesn’t mean you should miss out on a full life. We offer many activities and programs for our residents, from spiritual services to community outings, delicious dining, therapy dog visits, Wii games, and a full seven-day-a week activity calendar. We also offer professional counseling and therapy services. Family members are always welcome to visit and celebrate with their loved ones in our private dining room. Call us today!

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